Growth Hacking

Sep 1, 2013

The topic of growth hacking has always intrigued me. Coming from an engineering background, I was never exposed to the non-technical aspects of a product. Although my NOC stints allowed me to work with the marketing and business development team, I wasn't involved in the decision-making process and marketing strategies.

I was thoroughly impressed by Bjorn Lee's presentation. Anyone could tell he was an experienced growth hacker from the techniques that he shared. I especially agree with him that "Build and they will come" is a bloody damned myth. In the creation process of an app, it's also important to consider the various marketing channels and viral techniques that will be put into the app. An app without a solid plan of how it is going to market itself, is unlikely to be heard of by many after it is being built.

For my CS3216 Facebook assignment, Osmose, I'm proud to say that we already have a pool of beta testers: our students from CS1010S and in future, the NUS population. However, I'm not very confident of growth hacking Osmose to reach out to the rest of NUS. Corspedia had it easy because we had help from NUSMods, built by Beng Hee also from this class of CS3216. NUSMods is truly one of the best NUS-based projects I have seen so far - great UI and UX, it was a joy to use. Looks like we'll have to come up with good strategies before embarking on our final project, which aims to bring Osmose to a new level.