The Calm Before the Storm

Sep 9, 2013

Last assignment for CS3216! The past 4 weeks have been hell for me. My senior, Jonathan Low, ex-CVWO president and guest speaker for the past few batches of CS3216 and CS3217, after hearing that I'll be head tutoring CS1010S and CS3216 on top of the standard academic workload in this sem, gave me a really encouraging word of advice: "You will die man."

For the past 4 weeks I have been sleeping at 5-6 am every other day and waking up just in time before the tutorials which I have no clue about what the tutor is teaching simply because I haven't been spending time on them. Everyday was like check to-do list, do work, clear backlog, rinse, repeat.

Finally I get a breather! In this e-learning week, we're all supposed to do our own e-learning. Some professors have nicely left us with annotated versions of their lecture notes and honestly I prefer that over attending physical lectures. Always a fan of independent learning! I'm going to use this week to catch up on all other modules that I have been lagging in, and also help my CS1010S students in learning order of growth. Many of them are unable to grasp the concepts of time and space complexity and I don't blame them. 4 weeks into programming and they have to learn something most others would not learn in an introductory programming course?

I'm honestly quite worried for my CS3216 Assignment 3. Will be working with a bunch of new individuals this time round and I'm unfamiliar with their working style. Doesn't help that we're only given 3 weeks to complete it. Again, I'm the only front end person in the team but thankfully I have dabbled in mobile web development shit before and know the pitfalls to avoid. But still, it's not fun to work on mobile web related stuff. Not only does the developer have to worry about cross-browser and cross-platform issues, there's also cross-devices (different viewport size and specs) to handle?! Sounds like a load of trouble to me.

Was thinking of ideas for assignment 3 and I'm pretty sure I won't want the app to be a platform this time. Almost all assignment 1 projects were platforms, will assignment 3 be similar? Given the short span of time available, I'm not confident of pulling off a mobile web platform well. Initially wanted to do a game but since building native applications is no longer allowed, games are not too viable an option. Hence I'm thinking of creating something nimble but useful, something along the lines of a utility application.

Weather app? To-do list app? Calendar app? Perhaps a gamified twist to them. (: